Interactive Installation at Villa Contarini

Production: UBIKteatro
Conception and design: Andrea Santini
System and Programming by: NiceFall Visual Support

This installation in Villa Contarini near Padua is based on an immersive projection on an interactive floor, and a front panoramic screen.
Thanks to a traking system base on a triangulation of three Kinects 2, and thanks to an automatic managment of the installation, visitors can actually interact with it.

The journey begins with an interactive floor-projected map. You can step in and explore it with a virtual magnifying lens, coming across the most famous Villas of the Region. When you position the lens on a villa on the map you will activate video and multimedia contents on the panoramic screen.

The documentaries provide geographic and architectonic information regarding the Villas, as well as insights on the culture, history, production and trade activities, customs and traditions of the Veneto Region.